Sue-lin Wong
ASIA PACIFIC / Crime & Legal
Nov 12, 2018
Labor activists in China go missing after suspected coordinated raids
At least 12 Chinese labor activists have gone missing in recent days, in what sources close to them believe was a coordinated effort by authorities to silence the vocal group, most of them university students or recent graduates.
Japan Times
Aug 17, 2018
China's student activists cast rare light on brewing labor unrest
When Shen Mengyu graduated with a master's degree from a top Chinese university in 2015, she could have landed a comfortable job in government or at one of China's internet giants.
Japan Times
Aug 27, 2017
China's rural early-childhood development centers may help reduce numbers of school dropouts
Every day after lunch, Qu Yexiu used to potter around her house in northwest China doing housework and looking after her 2-year-old grandson.
Japan Times
May 14, 2017
Made in North Korea: As tougher sanctions loom, more local goods in stores
From carrot-flavored toothpaste and charcoal face masks to motorcycles and solar panels, visitors to North Korea say they are seeing more and more locally made products in the isolated country's shops and supermarkets, replacing mostly Chinese imports.
Japan Times
Apr 21, 2017
Colas, cigarettes: North Korea airline diversifies as threats mount of sanctions
Even after disembarking from North Korea's Air Koryo plane at Pyongyang airport, it is difficult to miss the airline's brand. The Air Koryo conglomerate makes cigarettes and fizzy drinks, besides owning a taxi fleet and gas stations — and all have the same flying crane logo as the carrier.
Japan Times
Apr 12, 2017
A grimace and a shrug, but no fear of U.S. strike in Pyongyang
Residents thronged the wide boulevards of North Korea's capital Pyongyang on Wednesday, some practicing for a parade to be held during the weekend, with no visible signs of the tensions engulfing the region over the isolated state's weapons programs.
Japan Times
Dec 5, 2016
Thanks for the memory cards: North Koreans return from China with high-tech souvenirs
Tiny memory cards and fluffy teddy bears are among the most popular items for North Koreans shopping in Dandong, China's gateway city to its impoverished and isolated neighbor.
Japan Times
Nov 29, 2016
As border trade tightens, fewer North Korean workers head to China
A labor agent sat in his bus on a recent frigid morning, waiting to cross the "Friendship Bridge" at China's main border post with North Korea. He had come to pick up migrant workers and take them to jobs in factories and restaurants in China.
Japan Times
Sep 18, 2016
'Bridge to nowhere' shows China's failed economic effort to engage North Korea
Towering above the murky waters, the New Yalu River Bridge was supposed to symbolize a new era in relations between China and North Korea, helping bring investment to landmark free trade zones jointly run with the impoverished and isolated state.


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