Softbank Corp. said Monday personal data on some 6,500 subscribers to its Yahoo BB Internet service may have been leaked, based on information it received from two Tokyo-based publishers.

The two publishers are Shinchosha Co. and Kobunsha Co. According to Softbank, it was also told by Shinchosha officials that it had gotten hold of data on another roughly 30,000 people.

The data includes names, addresses and land-line and cellular phone numbers. It also includes information on some 900 people that had found its way into the hands of Nikkei Business Publications Inc. last month, they said. Credit card information and passwords were not among the data.

Softbank officials said they could not yet determine whether the information had indeed been taken off its customer database, and that it is not considering informing individual users. They added that the three publishers had not responded to its request to disclose how they got the data.

The data on the roughly 6,500 people match that of people who had been subscribing to the Yahoo BB service as of March 2003, according to Softbank.