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The Commerce Department issued a final ruling Tuesday in support of an antidumping complaint filed by the U.S. steel industry against structural steel beams imported from Japan.

If the ruling is upheld in a final decision by the International Trade Commission expected in June, antidumping duties, corresponding to dumping margins, will be levied against the imports.

The Commerce Department set dumping margins at 65.21 percent for imports from Kawasaki Steel Corp., Nippon Steel Corp., NKK Corp., Sumitomo Metal Industries Ltd., Tokyo Steel Mfg. Co. and Topy Industries Ltd. The dumping margins for other Japanese companies were set at 31.98 percent.

Structural steel beam imports from Japan in the first quarter of 1999 surged about 30 percent from a year before, the department said. Steel beams are used in building frames and other construction materials.

The department began a probe into dumping allegations in August following a petition lodged by three U.S. manufacturers and the United Steelworkers of America union in July 1999.

The three makers are Northwestern Steel and Wire Co., Nucor-Yamato Steel Co. and TXI-Chaparral Steel Co.