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President, International, The New York Times

On behalf of The New York Times, I’d like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to The Japan Times on its 120th anniversary.

Stephen Dunbar-Johnson
Stephen Dunbar-Johnson

Throughout its history, The Japan Times has offered the world a unique perspective on the critical issues affecting Japan, producing content of the highest quality and integrity. The Japan Times’ unwavering commitment to fair and independent journalism is at the very heart of our own mission at The New York Times and has formed a bond between our two organizations that extends well beyond our publishing partnership.

As the oldest English-language newspaper in Japan, The Japan Times has served a crucial purpose, bridging cultures, nations and languages. Its original and in-depth coverage has been vital to making Japan more open and accessible to readers both within Japan and abroad, and it has truly earned its reputation as Japan’s premier source of English-language news.

Since we began our collaboration in 2013 to publish a combined edition of our newspapers for readers across Japan, much about the global media landscape has changed. Together, we have faced the challenge of upholding our core values of fairness, accuracy and impartiality while evolving our understanding of who our readers are and what they want and need.

The combination of our global news, edited by our bureaus in Hong Kong, New York, Paris and London, together with Japan’s finest English-language journalism, has proved to be a winning formula for both our readers and our businesses. It is no surprise that more people than ever are turning to The Japan Times and The New York Times to make sense of this increasingly complex world.

The positive feedback we receive from readers in Japan is a testament to our shared commitment to fair and independent journalism, and faithfully reporting events happening within Japan and around the world.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank The Japan Times for its incredible work. Its dedication has helped to enhance the experience of our readers and further build on our international voice.

Please accept our very best wishes on this momentous occasion. We wish The Japan Times continued success for many more years to come and look forward to our bright future together.

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