Nov 6, 2015

Denmark has no interest in sharing Sweden's migrant throng

Denmark’s foreign minister on Thursday gave short shrift to Sweden’s demand that Brussels help relocate some of the refugees it has taken in, suggesting Stockholm adopt Copenhagen’s stricter asylum policies. “Each country has chosen (its) policy on refugees,” Kristian Jensen told Danish news agency ...

Gay U.S. ambassador to Denmark weds partner

Oct 11, 2015

Gay U.S. ambassador to Denmark weds partner

The U.S. ambassador to Denmark has married his partner in the Scandinavian country that became the first nation to allow gay couples to formalize their unions in 1989. Rufus Gifford, the U.S. envoy since September 2013, is a strong gay rights advocate and often ...

Sep 24, 2015

Dane accused of storing genitalia blames estranged wife

A man accused of storing female genitalia in his freezer in South Africa told a Danish newspaper that the 21 pieces of mutilated flesh belong to his estranged wife. The man, a Danish citizen living in South Africa, dismissed the accusations against him as ...

Denmark's first astronaut arrives at ISS

Sep 5, 2015

Denmark's first astronaut arrives at ISS

The first Dane in space arrived on Friday at the International Space Station as part of a three-man team after an unusually long voyage from Earth, the Russian space agency said. Danish astronaut Andreas Mogensen, accompanied by Russian cosmonaut Sergei Volkov and Aidyn Aimbetov ...

Aug 27, 2015

Danish tax agency possible victim of billion-dollar scam

Denmark’s tax authority said Wednesday it had alerted police after foreign companies appeared to have drained 804 million euros from the system in what would be the country’s biggest-ever tax fraud. “Over the summer we became suspicious after receiving information from a foreign authority,” ...