Denmark named happiest nation; Japan frowns at 53rd

Mar 17, 2016

Denmark named happiest nation; Japan frowns at 53rd

Denmark and Switzerland are the No. 1 and No. 2 happiest nations, while crisis-torn Syria and Burundi are the most miserable, according to a global ranking released Wednesday. The 2016 World Happiness Report seeks to quantify happiness as a means of making societies healthier ...

Jan 27, 2016

Emerging giants plagued by corruption, Transparency International says

The world’s up-and-coming economies are struggling to shake off corruption, an anti-graft watchdog warned Wednesday, citing massive scandals in Brazil and Malaysia as cause for concern. In its “Corruption Perceptions Index 2015,” Transparency International (TI) said Brazil showed the biggest decline in its ranking ...

Nov 6, 2015

Denmark has no interest in sharing Sweden's migrant throng

Denmark’s foreign minister on Thursday gave short shrift to Sweden’s demand that Brussels help relocate some of the refugees it has taken in, suggesting Stockholm adopt Copenhagen’s stricter asylum policies. “Each country has chosen (its) policy on refugees,” Kristian Jensen told Danish news agency ...