To wrap up the week, five criminal or commercial cases involving betrayals of trust, from the bedroom to the boardroom:

[In Japanese] Ex-employee says, 'She didn't feel any affection for him,' on relationship between now-deceased rich husband and arrested ex-wife [April 30] | MBS NEWS
[In Japanese] Ex-employee says, ‘She didn’t feel any affection for him,’ on relationship between late billionaire and arrested ex-wife [April 30] | MBS NEWS
  • A former head of a post office in Nagasaki Prefecture may have swindled over 50 people out of over ¥1 billion. The man, in his 60s, collected money for decades by telling customers the payments were for deposits or insurance premiums, Japan Post says.
  • An association for private kindergartens in Tokyo says that money totaling around ¥400 million went missing from the group’s coffers over a period of more than three years until the former head of the group, Kei Kagawa, resigned in November.
  • Across Japan, it can seem as if there is a 7-Eleven on every corner. On one corner in Higashiosaka, there are two. The spectacle is the latest manifestation of an epic grudge match between one of Japan’s most powerful companies and arguably one of its most stubborn men, The New York Times reports.