Feel the need to escape the pandemic for a while? Here’s a round-up of recent news and features focusing on the gaming industry:

Things just got much worse for CD Projekt Red & Cyberpunk 2077 … | JUICEHEAD
Things just got much worse for CD Projekt Red & Cyberpunk 2077… | JUICEHEAD
  • Resistance to the idea of using esports in school club activities is crumbling in Japan, Jiji reports: The number of respondents who accept the idea now exceeds the number against, according to a survey last year, although there is still considerable resistance to establishing school clubs devoted to esports, particularly for students in elementary and junior high schools.
  • Can you believe it’s been 35 years since the heroic plumber came into our lives? In his On Games column, Brian Ashcraft presents a double dose of Mario: The Switch gets a red-and-blue makeover, while Super Mario 3D World is resurrected. Oh, and Nioh, loosely based on the exploits of English sailor-cum-samurai William Adams, gets a similar update.
  • Fancy something a bit more constructive — like planting a garden, solving puzzles or saving the world? In his January column, Ashcraft previewed three well-known franchises — PixelJunk, Puyo Puyo Tetris and Earth Defense Force — that have spawned sequels. Thankfully for gamers, none of them messes unnecessarily with its winning formula.