More than two months after the U.K. and the U.S., Japan finally embarked on an unprecedented coronavirus vaccination blitz Wednesday. So how do you go about getting your jab? Osamu Tsukimori’s guide should tell you all you need to know.

When it does get to your turn, depending on where you are, you may notice a difference in the way the shot is administered compared to your average jab — and it may hurt a bit more, too. Trials of the Pfizer vaccine were conducted using intramuscular injections, in which the needle is inserted into the arm at a sharp angle, so that’s how they’ll be done in Japan — even though subcutaneous injection, a shallower insertion under the skin, is the norm here.

Japan kicks off COVID vaccine drive with health care workers | AL JAZEERA ENGLISH
Japan kicks off COVID vaccine drive with health care workers | AL JAZEERA ENGLISH

Wednesday was a good day for Taro Kono, who has gone from Twitter star to vaccine czar and seems to be getting all the credit for the rollout. Time will tell whether Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga sees a rebound in public support from the vaccinations or if, instead, he ends up rueing the day he handed Kono the job.

Suga’s cause would be helped if his party’s lawmakers behaved themselves in Tokyo during the state of emergency. Another LDP Diet member quit the party Wednesday after it was reported that he visited a posh nightlife venue last week despite government calls to avoid unnecessary outings.

Wednesday’s (and last Wednesday’s) new COVID-19 cases by prefecture (30 or over): Tokyo 378 (491), Osaka 133 (127), Chiba 130 (145), Saitama 130 (169), Kanagawa 115 (176), Aichi 81 (114), Hyogo 74 (94), Fukuoka 65 (103), Hokkaido 64 (64), Shizuoka 32 (10). Source: Japan COVID-19 Coronavirus Tracker