Just a Way runs away with Tenno-sho title

Oct 27, 2013

Just a Way runs away with Tenno-sho title

Just a Way stole the show from favorite and reigning horse of the year Gentildonna with a phenomenal run to win the Tenno-sho on Sunday for his first Grade 1 title. The 4-year-old Just a Way, who went off as the fifth choice, lifted the ...

Jun 29, 2011

Forum for better local government

In the current session, the Diet has enacted a law to give legal backing to a forum in which the Cabinet members concerned and local government leaders exchange opinions on policy matters. The law is the result of the Democratic Party of Japan government's efforts ...

May 17, 2011

Acquittal in Atago collision case

The Yokohama District Court on May 11 acquitted two Maritime Self-Defense Force officers formerly stationed aboard the 7,750-ton Aegis destroyer Atago in connection with the Atago's collision with the 7.3-ton trawler Seitoku Maru off Chiba Prefecure on Feb. 19, 2008. The collision killed the ...