Three hanged in first executions in Japan since 2010

National Mar 30, 2012

Three hanged in first executions in Japan since 2010

by Minoru Matsutani

Three inmates were hanged Thursday, in Tokyo, Hiroshima and Fukuoka, in the country's first executions since July 2010. Justice Minister Toshio Ogawa, the first of the past six justice ministers to tacitly support capital punishment, signed off on the three executions Thursday morning. "I just performed ...

National Jul 12, 2008

Shimonoseki mass killer's death penalty stands

The Supreme Court turned down an appeal Friday by a 44-year-old man who had been sentenced to death for a vehicle and stabbing rampage in 1999 at a train station in Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi Prefecture, that killed five people and left 10 others wounded. The top ...

JR West not liable for Shimonoseki Station rampage

National Mar 14, 2006

JR West not liable for Shimonoseki Station rampage

The Hiroshima High Court on Monday raised the amount of damages to be paid by a man sentenced to death for murdering five people and injuring 10 others in a 1999 rampage at JR Shimonoseki Station in Yamaguchi Prefecture, but following a lower court ...

National Jun 29, 2005

Death penalty stands for man in 1999 train station rampage

The Hiroshima High Court upheld the death penalty Tuesday for a 41-year-old man who killed five people and injured 10 others when he plowed a car into a train station in 1999 and stabbed commuters. Presiding Judge Toshikazu Obuchi determined Yasuaki Uwabe was mentally competent ...

National Nov 2, 2004

Shimonoseki mass murderer told to pay damages

A convicted murderer was ordered Monday to pay a total of 160 million yen in compensation to relatives of people he killed and others he wounded during a stabbing spree in 1999. The order was issued by the Yamaguchi District Court's Shimonoseki branch against Yasuaki ...