FBI asks Justice Department to refute Trump wiretapping claim

/ Mar 6, 2017

FBI asks Justice Department to refute Trump wiretapping claim

FBI Director James Comey has asked the U.S. Justice Department to publicly refute President Donald Trump's explosive, unsubstantiated accusation that Barack Obama tapped his phone during last year's election campaign, U.S. media reported on Sunday. Comey's extraordinary measure questioning the president's truthfulness provides an indication ...

Feb 27, 2017

Long reach of 'conspiracy crime' bill

Government legislation that would penalize the acts of plotting and preparing for crimes without carrying them out could impact the human rights of citizens through increased surveillance activities.

Feb 17, 2017

10,451 police wiretaps yielded just 33 arrests in 2016: ministry

The police tapped a 10,451 mobile and landline phones last year that led to 33 arrests, the Justice Ministry said Friday. A legal revision last year expanded the scope of cases that can be subject to wiretapping to include fraud, theft and child pornography. Previously, ...

/ Jul 6, 2013

U.S. wiretapping 'regrettable': envoy

The Japanese ambassador to the United States has said it would be unfortunate if recent reports that American authorities had eavesdropped on the embassy were accurate. "If it's true, it will be regrettable. We are asking (the U.S.) what the truth is," Kenichiro Sasae told ...