Business Jan 3, 2017

MUFG to launch virtual currency service

Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Inc. will issue its own virtual currency by March 2018 to provide a money transfer service at lower fees, becoming the first major Japanese banking group to launch such a business, according to sources. MUFG, Japan's biggest lender, will first issue ...

Editorials Aug 24, 2015

Regulating virtual currencies

Along with preventing the abuse of the virtual currency transactions for money laundering and criminal purposes, new cybermoney regulations should aim to protect the interests of its users.

Commentary / World Dec 3, 2013

Bitcoins need to be better than real currency

by Stephen L. Carter

Bitcoins appeal to people's libertarian side, because they challenge the control of money by governments that too often see inflation and deflation as instruments of policy. This virtual currency suggests the possibility of a future in which networks of individuals can make transactions for ...