/ Dec 16, 2013

Abe shows totalitarian bent


The president of a Japanese university classifies the Abe administration as neither conservative nor liberal. Instead, he calls it "totalitarian" and suggests that Japan is drifting away from European ideals based on democracy and individualism.

Oct 2, 2011

Effects of disenfranchisement

In his Sept. 22 letter, "A prevalent form of propaganda," Greg Leviton addresses a number of points that are often brought up concerning issues in the Middle East. Although I appreciate his ardor in support of Israel, many of these topics are more nuanced ...

Feb 3, 2009

For a stronger safety net

As economic conditions worsen and an increasing number of workers, especially irregularly employed workers, lose their jobs, it is becoming urgent that the government strengthen the social safety net. The number of people who receive livelihood protection assistance — the last resort for people in ...