National Sep 4, 2015

Local logo contest organizers wary in wake of Olympics symbol scandal

The recent plagiarism allegations surrounding the 2020 Tokyo Olympics logo have put local governments on alert as they screen a huge number of logo candidates amid an increasing number of design competitions. The case of the logo designer, Kenjiro Sano, around which allegations of plagiarism ...

National Sep 3, 2015

Tokyo Olympics committee may ease new logo selection rules

The Tokyo Olympics organizing committee will consider relaxing the submission requirements for the public competition to select a new logo, officials said Wednesday, a day after the original logo was scrapped amid plagiarism allegations. The 2020 Tokyo Olympics committee will also seek to make the ...

Disappointment, anger over Olympic logo 'embarrassment'

National Sep 1, 2015

Disappointment, anger over Olympic logo 'embarrassment'

Many people reacted with disappointment and anger after the logo for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics was scrapped amid accusations of plagiarism. "It is an embarrassment of Japan to have caused such a stir. The emblem should be remade from scratch," said Norihiro Murakami, 47, of ...