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Japan Times
JAPAN / Politics
Oct 30, 2015
Abe treads in China's footprints in Central Asia, picks up human rights baggage
Prime Minster Shinzo Abe's trip to Mongolia and Central Asia — in which he became the first Japanese leader ever to visit Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan — looks to bring in a raft of investment deals for Tokyo. But the whirlwind tour likely had other motivations, too, and raises questions...
Japan Times
JAPAN / Politics
Oct 25, 2015
Abe pledges ¥12 billion to Uzbekistan
Japan on Sunday pledged ¥12.7 billion in official development assistance to Uzbekistan — ¥12 billion in loans and ¥700 million in grant aid — for the purpose of upgrading power-generation facilities in the country as well as medical equipment at hospitals, Japanese officials said.
Aug 2, 2015
Extraordinary measures used to fight militant Islam in 'stans'
Authorities in Central Asia's former Soviet "stans" are taking draconian measures to stamp out militant Islam, but their harsh methods and the absence of democratic politics risk provoking a backlash that could bring even greater instability.


Akiko Trush says her experience with the neurological disorder dystonia left her feeling like she wanted to chop her own hand off.
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