Business / Tech Feb 28, 2019

Doctor performs first 5G surgery

Next-generation wireless technology is taking the medical world a crucial step closer to robots performing remotely controlled surgery, a doctor in Spain said Wednesday after carrying out the world's first 5G-powered telementored operation. Doctors have telementored surgeries in the past using wireless networks, but blazing ...

World / Science & Health Sep 29, 2016

Scientists fix fractures with printed synthetic bone

Scientists in the United States have successfully treated broken spines and skulls in animals using 3-D-printed synthetic bone, opening the possibility of future personalized bone implants for humans to fix dental, spinal other bone injuries. Unlike real bone grafts, the synthetic material — called hyper-elastic ...

Surgery starts in Texas to separate infant conjoined twins

World / Science & Health Apr 13, 2016

Surgery starts in Texas to separate infant conjoined twins

Surgery has started in Texas to separate two 10-month-old sisters born conjoined below the waist. Jeff Salzgeber, a spokesman for Driscoll Children's Hospital, said the multi-hour operation began Tuesday morning. Ximena and Scarlett Hernandez-Torres share a colon and bladders that will be reconstructed. Their identical triplet ...

Delicate preemie survives heart surgery in Okayama

National / Science & Health Oct 30, 2015

Delicate preemie survives heart surgery in Okayama

A hospital said Friday it successfully operated on a highly premature newborn for tetralogy of Fallot, a complex heart condition comprising four separate defects. Okayama University Hospital said it was the first such surgery ever completed successfully in Japan. Cardiovascular surgeon Shunji Sano, who carried out ...