China fights deflation on its own

Commentary / World Feb 2, 2015

China fights deflation on its own

by Yao Yang

During the past two years, China has tightened fiscal and monetary policy in the hope of offsetting the adverse effects of the large stimulus package implemented in response to the 2008 global financial crisis.

Editorials Jan 5, 2015

Untimely stimulus package

If Prime Minister Shinzo Abe wants to tame the negative impact of the weak yen, he should try reining in the excessive monetary easing by the central bank instead of drawing up a stimulus package worth trillions of yen.

Business / Economy Apr 10, 2014

Lew urges Tokyo to prep for slowdown after tax hike

U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew urged Japan Wednesday to compile another stimulus package or take other measures if signs of an economic slowdown emerge from the recent consumption tax hike. "The value-added tax is something that obviously has the potential to slow the economy," Lew ...

National Dec 17, 2013

Analysts split on stimulus power to offset tax hike

Analysts are split on whether the forthcoming stimulus package can prevent the economy from suffering a severe downturn after the 5 percent consumption tax is raised to 8 percent next April. Some of them say the package, involving ¥5.5 trillion in fresh funds from the ...

Business / Economy Oct 10, 2013

Office vacancies in Tokyo at lowest rate since 2009

The office vacancy rate in Tokyo fell in September to its lowest level in four years as the amount of space taken up in the month more than doubled, according to broker Miki Shoji Co. The rate, a measurement of unoccupied space, fell to 7.9 ...