Zen Koans

Books / Reviews Jan 24, 2015

Zen Koans

by Finbar O'Mallon

The famous question, "What is the sound of one hand clapping?" is a Zen koan; a deliberately obtuse poem used by Buddhists to probe reality and test one's ignorance. Zen Koans, by Steven Heine.University of Hawai'i ...

Editorials Dec 15, 2011

Government's fiscal 2012 tax plan

The Noda Cabinet on Dec. 10 endorsed a fiscal 2012 tax outline. Except for reductions in the automobile weight tax, the plan does not include major changes, since a separate plan to raise the consumption tax in the mid-2010s is scheduled to be adopted ...

Editorials Oct 15, 2011

A shift in Myanmar

Something is happening in Myanmar. The government in that reclusive country has recently taken a number of steps that suggest change may be afoot. It is too soon to tell how substantial and enduring the changes will be, but they must be acknowledged and ...

Editorials Oct 2, 2011

Resources used up this year

This year, humanity used up its annual "allotment" of renewable resources on Sept. 27. Dubbed Earth Overshoot Day by the Global Footprint Network (GFN) and its member organization nef (New Economics Foundation), Sept. 27 was the day on paper when humanity began adding to ...