MHI maintains wartime reparations issue settled

Business / Corporate Dec 16, 2013

MHI maintains wartime reparations issue settled

The president of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. said the company will maintain its stance that wartime compensation issues related to Korean workers forcibly conscripted as laborers have already been settled. "We will continue to maintain our claim is right," even if South Korea's Supreme Court ...

Reader Mail | Editorials Dec 13, 2012

Rethink gender-parity principles

Regarding the Dec. 9 editorial "Gender parity task force": On the basis of the results of similar initiatives to date, the prognosis for any meaningful results ever arising from the "task force" is dim at best. Why has Japan waited so long to even ...

Editorials | Editorials Aug 24, 2011

Japan-India agreement

The comprehensive economic partnership agreement between Japan and India went into force Aug. 1. It is Japan's 12th free trade agreement. In the field of FTAs, Japan is lagging its neighbor South Korea. The latter has already signed FTAs with the United States and ...