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Yotsuya Otsuka cram school head office in Nakano Ward, Tokyo
JAPAN / Crime & Legal / FOCUS
Oct 6, 2023
Cram school teacher arrests ignite child safety debate
Two cram school teachers in Tokyo were arrested for allegedly taking photos of a female student's underwear and sharing them on a group chat.
A reporter raises their hand during a Johnny & Associates news conference on Monday. Journalists were limited to a “one question per company” at the event.
JAPAN / Society
Oct 4, 2023
Johnny’s news conference had journalist ‘blacklist,' reports say
Johnny & Associates has said it never made a request that specific journalists be passed over for questions.
A certified "kodomoen" kindergarten-nursery hybrid in the city of Yamagata that is subject to administrative disciplinary action
JAPAN / Society
Oct 4, 2023
Yamagata kindergarten-nursery to halt admissions after sex abuse claim
The city has taken administrative disciplinary action against the facility, which also says it is unable to secure enough day care teachers.
Noriyuki Higashiyama (right) and Yoshihiko Inohara attend a news conference in Tokyo on Monday.
JAPAN / Explainer
Oct 3, 2023
Unpacking the latest Johnny & Associates news conference
The flood of information released during the agency's latest news conference may have been difficult to grasp. Here's what you need to know.
A Yotsuya Otsuka cram school in Tokyo
JAPAN / Crime & Legal
Oct 2, 2023
Second ex-Tokyo cram school teacher arrested for upskirt video
Narumi Nakamura allegedly asked his colleague to take a video of a 7-year-old student's underwear.
Johnny & Associates' outgoing head Julie Keiko Fujishima and its new chief, Noriyuki Higashiyama, bow to express their apology during a news conference in Tokyo last month.
Oct 1, 2023
Johnny's looks toward a revamp as it seeks to salvage tarnished brand
Recent attempts to distance the agency from the long shadow of its namesake have been met with public backlash.
Makoto Nishimoto during his campaign rally in December 2022. On Wednesday, Nishimoto, a member of the Miyazaki Municipal Assembly who goes by the name Super Crazy-kun, was indicted on sexual assault charges.
JAPAN / Crime & Legal
Sep 28, 2023
Japan politician Super Crazy-kun indicted on sexual assault charges
Makoto Nishimoto was charged on the grounds of nonconsensual sexual intercourse resulting in injury. The victim was a female acquaintance in her 30s.
NHK's headquarters in Tokyo's Shibuya Ward
Sep 27, 2023
NHK to suspend new contracts with talent of scandal-hit Johnny's
The policy will also extend to "Kohaku Uta Gassen," a popular live music show aired on New Year's Eve that features Japan's most popular singers.
A Filipino woman looks at pictures of fellow wartime survivors of sexual servitude at a resource center, in Quezon city, Manila, in August 2015.
Sep 25, 2023
For Filipino wartime rape survivors, a last hope for reparations
For the few remaining elderly survivors, the reparations demand issued by a U.N. committee earlier this year is realistically their last hope.
A group of lawmakers from the Liberal Democratic Party discuss plans to establish a new system to block convicted sex offenders from jobs involving children on Sept. 7.
JAPAN / Society
Sep 24, 2023
Japan to delay bill blocking sex offenders from working with children
The decision to postpone comes after criticism from within the LDP that that more professions should be subject to the system.
What recent reports indicate is that, while abusers are being outed, the institutions that protected them for so long remain in place.
LIFE / Lifestyle
Sep 23, 2023
As #MeToo outs more abusers, is anything changing for good?
After years of assault revelations, the institutional responses that have long enabled abuse must start to change.
Johnny & Associates' new president Noriyuki Higashiyama (left) and former president Julie Keiko Fujishima at a news conference in Tokyo on Sept. 7
JAPAN / Society
Sep 22, 2023
Victim says new Johnny's head apologized for founder's sexual abuse
Earlier this month, Noriyuki Higashiyama, who himself has been forced to deny allegations of sexual abuse, took over as agency president.
The decision by Johnny & Associates during a news conference on Sept. 7 to retain the company name — despite its association with an alleged sexual predator — drew a lot of public criticism.
JAPAN / Society
Sep 20, 2023
Johnny & Associates considers changing name as criticism mounts
On its website, the agency said it was “discussing the future of the company, taking into consideration opinions and criticisms.”
Masanobu Ogura (center left), then-minister in charge of policies related to children, receives a petition from Hiroki Komazaki (center right), founder of nonprofit organization Florence, in Tokyo on Sept. 1.
JAPAN / Crime & Legal / FOCUS
Sep 18, 2023
Debate grows in Japan over proposed background checks for teachers
The Children and Families Agency is proposing to make screening for criminal convictions mandatory for people looking to work in schools or nurseries.
Ukraine's Kateryna Volodko hits a return against Switzerland's Viktorija Golubic during a qualifying match prior to the start of the WTA Guangzhou Open in Guangzhou, China, on Saturday.
Sep 17, 2023
Women's tennis returns to China after Peng Shuai boycott
The WTA tournament in the southern metropolis of Guangzhou will be the first in mainland China since 2019.
A woman walks past a roadside television screen reporting the death of Johnny Kitagawa, founder of Japanese talent agency Johnny & Associates, in Tokyo in July 2019.
JAPAN / Society
Sep 16, 2023
Johnny's sex abuse scandal causing TV sponsors to reconsider
A growing number of Japanese companies have been rethinking their involvement as sponsors of television programs starring members of Johnny & Associates.
The incoming and outgoing presidents of Johnny & Associates, Noriyuki Higashiyama and Julie Keiko Fujishima, bow at a press conference on Sept. 7.
PODCAST / deep dive
Sep 14, 2023
Johnny’s talent agency has admitted to a past of abuse. What next?
Karin Kaneko joins the show to update us on how the story is unfolding.
Rina Gonoi speaks to reporters in Yokohama in July.
JAPAN / Society
Sep 14, 2023
Ex-SDF sexual assault victim and lawmaker on Time leadership list
The Time100 Next list highlights emerging leaders recognized as shaping the future in a variety of fields, the magazine says.
The headquarters of Johnny & Associates in Tokyo's Minato Ward
JAPAN / Society
Sep 14, 2023
Johnny's says it will work for free as firms cut ties over scandal
The talent agency says it will not receive management fees for advertisements and television appearances by performers for a year.
An increasing number of companies are saying they won't use Johnny & Associates performers in new commercials.
BUSINESS / Companies
Sep 12, 2023
More companies move away from Johnny’s over sex abuse scandal
Many firms say they won't work with the agency again until it hears how Johnny's will help the victims and prevent further incidents.


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