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Dec 18, 2013
Record number of teachers reprimanded for corporal punishment in 2012
A record 2,253 public school teachers were reprimanded for corporal punishment nationwide in the 2012 academic year — up nearly sixfold from the previous year, the education ministry said Tuesday.
Dec 17, 2013
Misguided focus on test results
Reversing its traditional position, the education ministry has decided to let municipal boards of education publicize the results for individual schools in the achievement tests taken by sixth and ninth graders nationwide. An even worse obsession with test scores could follow.
Dec 13, 2013
English education set to get serious
Junior high school English teachers should conduct classes exclusively in English and be periodically tested on their skills, and formal English instruction should start in the fifth grade from 2020 under education reforms.
Dec 12, 2013
Kanagawa considers aid for pro-North Korean schools
The Kanagawa Prefectural Government may institute tuition aid for students attending pro-Pyongyang Korean schools and other non-Japanese schools after assistance for the Korean schools was shelved earlier this year because North Korea conducted a nuclear test.
Dec 10, 2013
Reports of school bullying in Japan up 180%
The number of reported cases of school bullying surged to 198,108 last year, 2.8 times more than the roughly 70,000 cases reported the year before, the education ministry says.
Dec 5, 2013
Father's mission: helping schoolkids in Cambodia
Between 1981 and 1994, Father Fumio Goto fostered 14 Cambodian child refugees, and since 1995 has built 17 schools in the country. Now, at 84, his passion to support Cambodia's disadvantaged children shows no sign of waning.
Nov 30, 2013
In rare move, new medical department to be set up at university in Tohoku
The government will permit a university in Tohoku to establish a new medical department, education minister Hakubun Shimomura said.
Nov 26, 2013
Tokyo-area teachers of English face three-month honing home-stay abroad
The Tokyo Board of Education is planning to require that all young English teachers at its junior and high schools study and live in English-speaking countries for three months.
Japan Times
WORLD / Society
Nov 19, 2013
U.S. education official apologizes for 'white suburban moms' remark
Education Secretary Arne Duncan tried Monday to quell the outrage sparked by his comments that injected race and class into the debate about the Common Core academic standards taking root in classrooms across the country.
Nov 14, 2013
History texts to get official spin
The education ministry plans to have textbooks for elementary, junior high and high schools reflect the government's position on 'historical facts.'
Nov 11, 2013
Panel endorses adding moral education to curriculum
An education ministry panel recommended Monday that moral education, widely taught as an extracurricular activity, be included in the official curriculum of public elementary and junior high schools.
Oct 27, 2013
Taketomi Town's prerogative
The education ministry has cherry-picked a provision of the Local Autonomy Law to try to justify its order to compel a town in the Yaeyama Islands to adopt a textbook for junior high schools.
Oct 23, 2013
Required English from third grade eyed
The education ministry is considering moving up the starting year of obligatory English-language education in elementary schools to the third grade from the current fifth grade by around 2020.
Oct 10, 2013
Political intervention in education
The education ministry should drop its threat to have Taketomi Town of Okinawa Prefecture declared a scofflaw for refusing to adopt a school civics textbook selected by an area council.
Japan Times
Oct 8, 2013
As China targets graft, bribes abound in schools
For years, Yang Jie's friends warned her to save up for her daughter's education. Not for tuition or textbooks, but for the bribes needed to get into the city's better public schools.
Japan Times
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Sep 29, 2013
Nontraditional college students juggle work, kids, bills with coursework
When President Barack Obama talks about the cost of higher education, his mentions of "college students" might often evoke images of teenagers who spent their senior years of high school searching for the four-year institution that best matched their personalities, then enrolled and moved into the dorms...
Japan Times
Sep 23, 2013
The PTA: a survival guide for foreign parents
PTA — the mere mention of the three initials is enough to elicit a scowl from many a Japanese mother. So how do foreign women cope in such an environment?
Sep 15, 2013
Keep tuition exemption
The government should increase taxes on wealthy families rather than exclude their children from the high school tuition exemption and support system.
Japan Times
Sep 6, 2013
Men start taking advantage of nursing shortage
If nursing looks more like a real career, then more men will apply.
Aug 28, 2013
Lower-ranked prefectures' students see improved achievement tests
Achievement tests given last April indicate elementary and junior high school students in lower-ranked prefectures improved their learning performance, a recent education ministry report found.


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