Editorials Dec 11, 2014

Worries about secrets law linger

As Japan's state secrets law finally takes effect a year after it was enacted, much of the concern that many people had about the legislation remains unaddressed.

Editorials Dec 6, 2013

Government without oversight

Even if the state secrets bill becomes a law, it will be important for people to continue grass-roots movements to oppose it and to prevent from being used to curb their right to know and to express their thought and opinions.

National / Politics Nov 14, 2013

Ruling bloc may yield on state secrets bill

by Ayako Mie

Eager to see its state secrecy bill passed by the Lower House next week, the ruling coalition is showing signs of giving ground on the controversial legislation. The ruling bloc met with Nippon Ishin no Kai (Japan Restoration Party) on Wednesday to discuss several possible ...

Editorials Sep 25, 2013

Drop antidemocratic secrecy bill

A proposed bill aimed at protecting state secrets that the government deems vital to national security would strongly limit people's access to relevant information.