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Japan Times
BUSINESS / Companies
Jun 10, 2014
Uniqlo set to raise prices this summer
Uniqlo will raise prices on its upcoming autumn and winter garments by about 5 percent, in response to higher material costs and the weaker yen.
BUSINESS / Economy
Sep 30, 2013
Economy likely to suffer triple hit from simultaneous price, tax hikes
The economy is likely to take a hit from planned hikes in commodity and services prices, as well as pension system-related taxes from Tuesday as a threat from the rise in the consumption tax looms, economists say.
BUSINESS / Companies
Jul 17, 2013
Kewpie to raise jam product prices for first time in 23 years
Kewpie Corp. said Wednesday it will raise prices on major jam products by 4 to 7 percent, starting with shipments on Sept. 2, due to higher costs of imported fruits amid the yen's depreciation against other currencies.
Japan Times
BUSINESS / Companies
Jun 1, 2013
Apple raises product prices amid weakening yen
Apple Inc. has raised the prices of its iPad tablet computers and iPod music players here after a weaker yen boosted import costs.
BUSINESS / Companies
May 14, 2013
With yen at four-year low, Fujitsu to up PC prices
Fujitsu Ltd. plans to raise domestic prices for personal computers because the yen's drop to a four-year low is boosting the cost of importing components.
Japan Times
BUSINESS / Companies
Apr 19, 2013
McDonald's to hike prices for first time since 2008
McDonald's Japan warns that some burger prices will rise by as much as 25 percent next month to boost its sagging profitability.


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