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Japan Times
JAPAN / Society
Dec 16, 2015
As jobs-for-life fade, mobility key as workers face a survival reality check
Shuhei Takebe graduated from a prestigious university in Japan. It qualified him to become a day laborer.
ASIA PACIFIC / Science & Health
Nov 29, 2015
Beijing's long commutes reflect a city bulging at the seams
The commute for millions of people living in and around Beijing is a daily grind that is ever more time-consuming, costly and crowded as residents dodge, push and elbow their way onto buses and subways.
Japan Times
LIFE / Lifestyle
Nov 28, 2015
Is Tokyo killing the rest of Japan?
The overconcentration of people and resources in the capital could be holding back the remainder of the country.
JAPAN / Politics
Nov 25, 2015
Japan's immigration policy rift widens as population decline forces need for foreign workers
Shigeru Ishiba says Japan should let in more immigrants to mitigate issues related to the nation's declining population.
Nov 25, 2015
Workers in Japan estimated to decrease 12% by 2030 as society grays
The number of workers in Japan will fall by 7.9 million, or 12.4 percent, to 55.61 million from 2014 to 2030 if the graying country fails to attain economic growth and bring more women and the elderly into the workforce, a government estimate has shown.
Nov 2, 2015
Beijing scraps the one-child policy
The one-child policy may be gone in China, but the the one-child mentality remains.
Japan Times
JAPAN / Politics
Oct 29, 2015
Abe convenes panel to tackle low birthrate, aging population
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has tasked the panel of intellectuals and Cabinet members with providing ideas to overcome the demographics conundrum.
Oct 18, 2015
Leaving jobs for nursing care
The Abe administration needs to take concrete steps to stem the flow of people who quit their jobs because they must care for ailing relatives.
Japan Times
JAPAN / Politics
Oct 9, 2015
Abe counts on Kato to reverse sliding birthrate, labor exodus in aging Japan
Prime Minister Abe is counting on his new minister in charge of population decline to inspire imitators. He's a father of four.
Japan Times
Sep 25, 2015
Kobe issues ordinance banning pachinko, other gambling-type activities at elderly centers
As Japan's elderly population grows, some day-care centers are offering users pachinko, card games and other forms of entertainment as a pastime — as if they are playing at casinos.
Sep 1, 2015
The future is gray for the developed world
Over the next three decades, the developed world is set to contend with many challenges related to rapid societal aging
Japan Times
Aug 24, 2015
The demographic challenge
Worrying about the coming population decline in advanced countries is a meaningless diversion from the far more serious issues raised by the developing world's population explosion.
Aug 19, 2015
Efforts for regional revitalization
The administrative ability of prefectural governors is being tested by the efforts to revitalize the areas they are serving.
Japan Times
JAPAN / Society
Jul 17, 2015
Young single Japanese less keen to have children
More single people in their 20s say they don't want any children, think it's costly and exhausting to raise them, and show little interest in kids in general, according to a new survey.
Jul 14, 2015
How to cope with Japan's demographic transformation
Japan must take steps to make it easier for women to work while raising families and to extend the nation's healthy life expectancy.
Jul 14, 2015
Pyongyang installs bike lanes to cut down on accidents
North Korea has installed cycle lanes on major thoroughfares running through Pyongyang in an apparent bid to cut down on pedestrian accidents, as more people have the cash to spend on bicycles to get around.
Jul 8, 2015
No fresh ideas on regional drain
The government is coming up short in developing fresh ideas to halt the population exodus to the big metropolitan areas.
JAPAN / Society
Jul 1, 2015
Japanese population posts largest annual decline on record
The country's population, excluding foreign residents, totaled 126,163,576 as of Jan. 1, signaling the biggest decline since the current population survey started in 1968.
Jun 30, 2015
Is the U.S. government going back to the 1930s?
The U.S. government is slowly becoming an agency for taking care of the elderly.
Japan Times
Jun 28, 2015
Time to banish old people to the countryside?
I couldn't help but gasp upon reading the Japan Policy Council's new recommendations to help take the aging population burden off Tokyo: "Encourage the elderly to move to the countryside, where the facilities are less crowded and there are more spaces for those needing full time care."


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