National / Politics Apr 2, 2019

Japan's LDP to get record haul of state subsidies in 2019

The ruling Liberal Democratic Party will receive a record ¥17.9 billion in state subsidies in 2019, up 2.3 percent from the previous year, the internal affairs ministry said Monday. The subsidies to the party, decided in accordance with the political party subsidies law, will be ...

Editorials Jul 20, 2013

Global corruption

More than half of the people surveyed by a Berlin-based nonprofit group believe that global corruption, mostly political, has worsened the past two years.

Politics in game of never-ending musical chairs

Reference | FYI Mar 4, 2008

Politics in game of never-ending musical chairs

by Masami Ito

A nearly unbroken line of Liberal Democratic Party politicians has headed the government since the party's 1955 formation. This dominance, however, was shaken by the stunning victory of the Democratic Party of Japan in the July 2007 House of Councilors election. In this reshaped ...