Editorials Dec 29, 2014

Pesky political fund problems

The return of Shinzo Abe's ruling bloc to a two-thirds majority in the Lower House has all but sidelined a spate of political fund problems that hit Cabinet members before the snap election. But it has not erased them.

Editorials Sep 14, 2011

Denuclearize despite the gaffes

Trade and industry minister Yoshio Hachiro resigned from his post Sept. 9, only eight days after his Cabinet appointment, over remarks that offended people affected by the Fukushima nuclear accidents. Mr. Yukio Edano, chief Cabinet secretary under former Prime Minister Naoto Kan, was sworn ...

Editorials Sep 2, 2011

Restructuring power distribution

Japan's 10 power companies have enjoyed regional monopolies under government protection, controlling not only electricity generation but also electricity transmission from power stations to transformer substations and distribution to individual users. This system is coupled with the government-backed price setting mechanism, in which the power ...