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Apr 11, 2014
Article 9 nominated as candidate for Nobel Peace Prize
The Nobel Prize Committee officially nominates war-renouncing Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution as a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize.
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Jan 9, 2014
LDP drops past campaign pledge to 'never wage a war'
The ruling Liberal Democratic Party removes a pledge that Japan will 'never wage a war' from the final draft of its campaign platform for this year.
Dec 1, 2013
NSC council has dangerous flaws
The Upper House has enacted a law that establishes a Japanese version of the U.S. National Security Council. But there's no guarantee the NSC will contribute to the government's making rational security and diplomatic decisions.
Oct 23, 2013
Keep the weapons export ban
A forum on security and defense power for the Abe administration appears likely to call for easing the ban on Japan's long-standing weapons export ban.


Several support networks have launched to help startup founders in Japan whose native language isn't Japanese.
As Japan's startup ecosystem grows, so does a supportive community of entrepreneurs