Editorials Mar 25, 2014

Hashimoto fails in his gambit

Results of Osaka city's snap election Sunday suggest that Toru Hashimoto, although re-elected as mayor, fell short of his aim to garner sufficient voter support for his plan to integrate the city with Osaka Prefecture.

Editorials Feb 6, 2014

Hashimoto's self-serving gambit

Osaka Mayor Toru Hashimoto's resignation Friday before the city assembly is nothing more than a political maneuver to bypass a snag he encountered in his plan to integrate Osaka Prefecture and the city of Osaka.

State lowballed Nankai tsunami impact: Osaka

National Jun 6, 2013

State lowballed Nankai tsunami impact: Osaka

Osaka said Thursday a massive temblor could trigger tsunami that could flood an area of 9,394 hectares in the prefecture, three times more than earlier estimated by the central government. Tsunami 30 cm high could even reach busy downtown streets around Osaka Station in Kita ...