Editorials Jan 21, 2018

Controlling wireless devices

Research shows that technology — and the cellphone in particular — has an increasingly powerful pull and exhibits increasingly worrisome effects on human behavior.

Japan Inc. hiring grads via online interviews

National Aug 4, 2016

Japan Inc. hiring grads via online interviews

by Anna Masui

Corporate Japan is looking to conduct job interviews online in a move that could benefit both companies and job seekers. For job-hunting college students in rural areas, going to interviews in Tokyo, where the major companies are concentrated, is not easy: the transportation and accommodation ...

World Nov 28, 2015

China police bust online gun ring, seize 1,180 guns

Police in China, where gun possession by ordinary people is illegal, have busted an online gun selling operation, seizing 1,180 guns and more than 6 million bullets, the state news agency Xinhua reported on Saturday. A seven-month investigation that started when police happened across suspected ...

Woman with no memory searches for her identity and family

World Jul 2, 2015

Woman with no memory searches for her identity and family

A woman who couldn't recall her identity when she was found on a Southern California street earlier this year has turned to the Internet in search of her family. "I just feel like there's this thick fog over my mind, my memory, over my brain ...

Entertainment News Dec 30, 2014

'The Interview' top-selling 2014 flick on Google Play

Sony Pictures' "The Interview" is the top-grossing movie of the year for Google Inc., after earning $15 million in online sales and rentals from all sources through Saturday. The tally on Google's Play and YouTube outlets, Xbox and other Web sources, dwarfs the $2.84 million ...