The vagina, in all its 'obscene' glory

Books / Reviews May 7, 2016

The vagina, in all its 'obscene' glory

by Sophie Knight

You've probably heard of Japanese artist known as Rokudenashiko ("good for nothing girl"), who was arrested in 2014 for sending the 3-D data of her genitals to patrons of her successful crowdfunding campaign to create a vagina-shaped kayak. And although the Japanese-language press echoed the ...

National Jul 14, 2014

Female artist held over sending 3D data on genitals

A female artist has been arrested on suspicion of distributing data that could be used to reproduce her genitals with a 3-D printer, Tokyo police said Monday. The suspect, identified as Megumi Igarashi, 42, a resident of Setagaya Ward, Tokyo, works under the name Rokudenashi-ko ...