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Sep 1, 2013
Oi reactor checks to temporarily halt nuclear power generation
The nation's only two fully operational nuclear reactors will be suspended for routine maintenance checks this month, shutting down all atomic power generation for only the second time in recent memory.
Japan Times
Aug 31, 2013
Naoto Kan speaks out
Naoto Kan took his first steps in the world of politics around 40 years ago as a pugnacious citizen-activist, admonishing those with power as only those without it can. He likes to say he's the same man now, but of course there's an irony in that. After all, in the intervening years he acquired about...
Japan Times
Aug 31, 2013
Media must take a stand against trolls
We live in an age of contention, when any comment can spark righteous indignation. Nominally conservative or progressive viewpoints become meaningless when every response is reactionary. This situation supposedly arose along with the Internet, which provides an unmediated outlet for every voice. Traditional...
Aug 31, 2013
Japan's nuclear comedy just goes on and on
What has been will be again,
BUSINESS / Economy
Aug 30, 2013
Japan, Brazil eye meeting of leaders at G-20 summit in Russia
Japan and Brazil are working to arrange a meeting between their leaders on the fringes of the summit of the Group of 20 major economies in St. Petersburg, Russia, on Sept. 5, a Japanese government source said Friday.
Aug 29, 2013
Government must take over Fukushima nuclear cleanup
It is literally a matter of national security that the decommissiong of the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant be taken over by the government with the assistance of an international task force of experts.
Japan Times
Aug 29, 2013
Fukushima spill snags reactor restart quest
The Fukushima No. 1 power plant's continued pollution of the Pacific is fueling growing domestic and international concern about radiation hazards, clouding plans by utilities and the government to quickly restart a dozen reactors.
Aug 26, 2013
Of nuclear village idiots and radiation scare-mongerers: letters
Nab Tepco execs, take over the clean-up
Japan Times
Aug 25, 2013
Kishida visits Chernobyl for insights into bungled Fukushima cleanup
Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida on Sunday paid a visit to Chernobyl, site of the 1986 nuclear disaster in Ukraine, to tour the wrecked nuclear power plant and areas around it.
Japan Times
BUSINESS / Economy
Aug 23, 2013
No. 1 plant leak clouds Abe nuke spiel
Radiation spreading from the Fukushima No. 1 plant threatens to derail Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's efforts to revive nuclear power and deliver the lower energy prices needed to power his economic reforms.
Aug 22, 2013
Court rebukes flouting of nuclear waste policy
Nowadays the U.S government leavens its usual quotient of incompetence with large dollops of illegality, as evidenced by the 'law-flouting' Nuclear Regulatory Commission.
Japan Times
Aug 21, 2013
NRA looks to raise leak severity level
The Nuclear Regulation Authority proposes raising the severity status of the recent radioactive water leak from a tank at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant to level 3 from 1 on the International Nuclear and Radiological Event Scale (INES).
Aug 21, 2013
Tepco caused suicide, wife tells court
A suit opens against Tepco, with a Filipino woman from Fukushima Prefecture seeking about ¥126 million over the death of her Japanese husband, who committed suicide when his business faltered amid the nuclear plant crisis.
Aug 21, 2013
Renewables energy capacity surges
Renewable energy facilities that newly started operating in fiscal 2012 totaled 2.08 million kw in capacity, equivalent to two nuclear reactors, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry said Tuesday.
Japan Times
Aug 20, 2013
Tank at No. 1 lost 300 tons of radioactive water
About 300 tons of highly radioactive water had leaked from a tank at the damaged Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant as of Tuesday afternoon, Tokyo Electric Power Co. said.
BUSINESS / Companies
Aug 19, 2013
90% of utilities fail to meet carbon dioxide reduction targets
Nine of the nation's 10 utilities failed to meet their self-imposed five-year targets for reducing carbon dioxide emissions by an average of 20 percent, an industry body said Monday.
Aug 18, 2013
Global threat of nuclear deterrence
lmost half a century after the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty was signed, the world is still perched precariously on the edge of the nuclear precipice.
JAPAN / Crime & Legal
Aug 14, 2013
Kan says he shouldn't be held criminally liable for Fukushima disaster
Former Prime Minister Naoto Kan, who led the government's response to the Fukushima nuclear disaster in March 2011, says he shouldn't be held criminally liable for the crisis.
Aug 13, 2013
Oi reactor halt Sept. 15 to see all plants idled
The only two reactors currently operating in Japan will be taken offline for routine checks Sept. 15, the first time the nation will be without electricity generated by nuclear power in more than a year.
Japan Times
Aug 12, 2013
Radiation fears forced me to postpone Japan visit by U.S. students
Dear Minister of Education Hakubun Shimomura,


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