Film director Oshima's funeral held

National Jan 23, 2013

Film director Oshima's funeral held

Family and friends of filmmaker Nagisa Oshima bid farewell to the director Tuesday at his funeral in Tokyo, following his death last week at the age of 80. Oshima's coffin, laid out at Tsukiji Honganji, was filled with origami cranes and other items with a ...

Oshima was in a realm of his own

Film Jan 19, 2013

Oshima was in a realm of his own

by Roger Pulvers

Film director Nagisa Oshima passed away Tuesday. He was 80. While at London's Heathrow Airport in February 1996, he suffered a stroke. Rehabilitation in the succeeding years brought him sufficiently back to health to make what would become his last film, "Gohatto," in 1999. He ...

Editorials Jan 19, 2013

Rebel filmmaker will be missed

Mr. Nagisa Oshima, the filmmaker who, perhaps more than any other, challenged the conventional morality and sober certainties of Japan, died of pneumonia Tuesday at the age of 80. His films earned respect around the world and broke restraints on what could be shown ...

Nagisa Oshima: a leading force in film

Film Jan 17, 2013

Nagisa Oshima: a leading force in film

by Mark Schilling

Film director Nagisa Oshima, who died in Fujisawa, Kanagawa Prefecture, of pneumonia on Tuesday at age 80, was a leader of Japan's postwar New Wave movement. In the West, however, he became best known for a 1976 film "Ai no Corrida" ("In the Realm of ...

Film / Reviews Jan 17, 2013

Donald Richie on 'Koshikei (Death by Hanging)'

by Donald Richie

This review as originally published on Sunday, Jan. 28, 1968. Director Nagisa Oshima occupies somewhat the same place in the Japanese cinema that Jean-Luc Godard does in the French. A complete intellectual, he is much more interested in ideas than stories, and has more respect ...