Business / Corporate Nov 16, 2017

Honda aggressively expands motorcycle operations in India

Honda Motor Co., the world's top motorcycle manufacturer, is strengthening operations in India by stepping up research and development and expanding its sales network. "Our global and Indian R&D teams are working together to strengthen our product portfolio for the Indian market which has become ...

Honda, Yamaha in talks on moped tie-up

Business / Corporate Oct 5, 2016

Honda, Yamaha in talks on moped tie-up

Honda Motor Co. and Yamaha Motor Co. have begun talks on a business tie-up for their moped units. The market for 50 cubic centimeter scooters in Japan is shrinking. Honda would assemble the vehicles and supply them to Yamaha on an original equipment manufacturer basis ...

Business Oct 16, 2015

U.S. duty on Japanese motorcycles to be lifted under TPP trade pact

The United States will remove a tariff levied on Japanese motorcycles with engine displacements of over 700 cc under the recently agreed Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact, sources familiar with the matter said Thursday. The 2.4 percent duty will be eliminated five years after the multilateral ...

Middle-aged biker accident deaths surge, prompting safety concerns

National Dec 17, 2014

Middle-aged biker accident deaths surge, prompting safety concerns

While the number of fatal traffic accidents has been on the decline nationwide in recent years, those involving middle-aged and elderly motorcyclists have been increasing, prompting safety concerns among road-traffic authorities. One of the main reasons for the increase is believed to be that those ...

Business / Corporate Jul 25, 2014

Yamaha releases app that 'translates' engine sounds

by Masaaki Kameda

First came the dog-interpretation gadget, Bowlingual. Now a Japanese company is offering humans a way to understand another nonhuman species: engines. Major motorcycle manufacturer Yamaha Motor Co. released on Wednesday the Rev Translator app, which supposedly translates engine sounds into Japanese. The company is planning ...