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People take photographs during the launch of Boeing-Lockheed joint venture United Launch Alliance's next-generation Vulcan rocket on its debut flight from Cape Canaveral, Florida, on Monday.
Jan 11, 2024
Vulcan rocket's debut brings long-awaited challenge to SpaceX dominance
Dependence on SpaceX has been a concern for the Pentagon, which wants multiple vendors of rides to orbit.
NASA astronaut Joseph M. Acaba speaks at an event during which the crew of the Artemis II space mission to the moon is announced in Houston last April.
WORLD / Science & Health
Jan 10, 2024
Bad day in space: Moon mission fails and NASA program delayed
The twin developments represent blows to U.S. ambitions to stimulate a commercial space economy.
Members of the media take pictures of the ULA's new rocket Vulcan Centaur, which is set to make its maiden flight Monday with a payload that includes a private lunar lander, as well as the cremated remains of several people associated with the original "Star Trek" series, including creator Gene Rodenberry and cast member Nichelle Nichols, who portrayed the character Uhura.
Jan 8, 2024
Private industry leads America's first moon landing since Apollo
A soft landing on the moon has only been accomplished by few national space agencies
An artist's depiction of Japan's SLIM lunar explorer after landing on the moon's surface
JAPAN / Science & Health
Dec 26, 2023
Japan's SLIM precision moon lander enters lunar orbit, JAXA says
If successful, the touchdown would make Japan only the fifth country to have landed a probe on the moon, after the United States, Russia, China and India.
SpaceX's Starship rocket conducts a second test flight from Boca Chica, Texas, on Nov. 18.
Dec 24, 2023
Japan likely to send first astronaut to moon under U.S.-led project
Besides returning humans to the moon and advancing lunar exploration, the ultimate goal of the Artemis program is to explore Mars.
JAXA’s Smart Lander for Investigating Moon (SLIM) spacecraft is expected to land on the lunar surface in early 2024.
Dec 21, 2023
One small step for a JAXA spacecraft, one giant leap for exploration
In 2024, we can look forward to the arrival on the moon of JAXA's SLIM spacecraft. Its groundbreaking accuracy could further propel space exploration.
Japanese startup Ispace CEO Takeshi Hakamada poses next to the firm's moon rover on Thursday in Tokyo.
Nov 17, 2023
Ispace to launch second moon mission following crash
The mission will launch on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket as early as the northern hemisphere winter of 2024.
Artemis II moon mission crew members Victor Glover, Reid Wiseman, Jeremy Hansen and Christina Koch pose for photographs after taking part in a news conference with NASA Administrator Bill Nelson and U.S. Sen. Mark Kelly outside the U.S. Capitol in Washington on May 18.
WORLD / Science & Health / ANALYSIS
Oct 8, 2023
Geopolitics in space: Why great powers are scrambling for the moon
A new space race — pitting the U.S. and its partners against China and Russia — is expected to have significant implications.
School children try on a space suit during an exhibition on space technology organized by the Indian Space Research Organisation and a college in Mumbai.
ASIA PACIFIC / Science & Health
Sep 29, 2023
Inside the changes at India's space agency
The moon landing was a win for the country's low-cost space engineering, as well as a quiet initiative to rebrand its space agency as approachable.
Take a moment to look up at the sky tonight, see if you can spot some lunar rabbits.
Sep 29, 2023
An autumnal custom teaches Japan to appreciate the season
While not as popular as its springtime cherry blossom cousin, moon-viewing season still has its own specific customs.
Japan's HII-A rocket carrying a lunar lander is prepared for launch at Tanegashima Space Centre on Tanegashima Island in Kagoshima Prefecture on Aug. 27.
Sep 6, 2023
Yes, we do need another moonshot — or five
This renewed interest in moon landings is stoking fears of increased rivalry and another arms race.
Indians celebrate the successful lunar landing of the Chandrayaan-3 spacecraft on the south pole of the moon at a rally in the city of Ahmedabad on Aug. 24.
Sep 5, 2023
India has every right to be proud of its space program and lunar triumph
In 2014, after the Mars Orbiter Mission, known as Mangalyaan, made India the first Asian country to reach Mars' orbit and the first country ever to do so in its maiden attempt,
An H-IIA rocket, carrying the Smart Lander for Investigating Moon (SLIM) and X-Ray Imaging and Spectroscopy Mission (XRISM), lifts off on Thursday morning from Tanegashima Space Center in Kagoshima Prefecture.
JAPAN / Science & Health / ANALYSIS
Sep 7, 2023
In new space race, Japan ups ante with launch of two key missions
The Smart Lander for Investigating Moon and X-Ray Imaging and Spectroscopy Mission were both launched Thursday following several postponements.
An illustration of the Smart Lander for Investigating Moon, or SLIM, which will be carried by JAXA’s H2-A rocket if it launches on Sunday
JAPAN / Science & Health
Aug 25, 2023
Japan set to shoot for the moon after Russia and India missions
Success could provide the thrust JAXA badly needs to begin rebuilding its battered reputation after a series of costly setbacks over the past year.
People wave Indian national flags as they celebrate the successful lunar landing of Chandrayaan-3 spacecraft on the south pole of the moon, in New Delhi on Wednesday.
ASIA PACIFIC / Science & Health / ANALYSIS
Aug 24, 2023
Moon landing hailed as major breakthrough for India’s space program
The achievement is only the next step in the budding program, which aims to place India among the world's space superpowers.
People watch a live stream of Indian spacecraft Chandrayaan-3 landing on the moon, at an auditorium in Ahmedabad, India, on Wednesday.
ASIA PACIFIC / Science & Health
Aug 24, 2023
Why is there a space race to the moon's south pole?
India's mission to land on the moon's south pole will advance the country's space ambitions and expand knowledge of lunar ice.
People watch a live stream of Chandrayaan-3 spacecraft's landing on the moon, at an auditorium of Gujarat Science City in Ahmedabad, India, Wednesday.
ASIA PACIFIC / Science & Health
Aug 24, 2023
‘India is on the moon’: Nation’s success opens next space chapter
The mission makes India the first nation to reach the moon's south polar region in one piece and adds to the achievements of the country’s space program.
This photograph taken by Russia's Luna-25 rover and released Thursday shows the Zeeman lunar impact crater on the far side of the moon.
WORLD / Science & Health
Aug 20, 2023
Russia's Luna-25 probe crashes on the moon, Roscosmos says
Luna-25 had been expected to stay on the moon for a year, collecting soil samples and looking for water.
Russia launches its first moon-landing spacecraft in the far eastern Amur region, Russia, in this still image from video taken on Friday.
Aug 11, 2023
Russia launches first lunar lander in 47 years in race with India
India launched its own lander last month, and both the U.S. and China have programs targeting the lunar south pole.
An artist's conception of a manned lunar rover using regenerative fuel cell technology
BUSINESS / Companies
Jul 22, 2023
Toyota eyes lunar rover powered by regenerative fuel-cell tech
Toyota has teamed up with JAXA since 2019 to develop the manned lunar rover — which it dubbed the Lunar Cruiser — that they hope can be put on the moon in 2029.


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