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May 25, 2016
How long will Monju limp on?
A glance at Monju's history would leave one wondering why no decision has been made yet to decommission the troubled facility.
Japan Times
Mar 18, 2016
Japan to return 331 kg of plutonium as U.S. official warns of proliferation risk
A large shipment of plutonium is expected to depart Japan soon amid a warning from a senior American official saying nuclear reprocessing in East Asia could lead to increased amounts of nuclear material that could be used for nuclear weapons.
Japan Times
Feb 16, 2016
¥300 billion price tag projected for scrapping Monju
Education and science minister Hiroshi Hase said the Japan Atomic Energy Agency estimates it will cost around ¥300 billion to scrap the Monju fast-breeder reactor over 30 years.
Japan Times
Jan 17, 2016
Problems with prototype reactor threaten Japan's nuclear fuel recycling plan
Japan's energy policy is facing major obstacles this year, as problems surrounding an experimental reactor threaten to foil long-laid plans to recycle nuclear fuel.
Dec 28, 2015
Panel holds first meeting on finding new Monju reactor operator
A government panel meets for the first time on identifying a new operator for the Monju prototype fast-breeder reactor.
JAPAN / Crime & Legal
Dec 5, 2015
Lawsuit to demand permanent closure of Monju
Residents near the Monju fast-breeder reactor in Fukui Prefecture are preparing a lawsuit to demand the experimental nuclear plant be closed for good.
Japan Times
Nov 23, 2015
Fate of troubled Monju reactor hangs in the balance
The prototype fast-breeder reactor's future sits under a cloud after 20 years of misfires.
Japan Times
JAPAN / Science & Health
Nov 13, 2015
NRA starts clock ticking on Monju, advising operator be replaced
The Nuclear Regulation Authority asks the science minister to replace the manager of the Monju fast-breeder reactor, casting a shadow over the long-troubled experimental facility.
Nov 12, 2015
Fate of troubled Monju reactor hangs in balance
The fate of the nation's troubled prototype fast-breeder reactor is in the air amid continued questions over its safety and cost.
Nov 9, 2015
Review nuclear fuel cycle program
The recommendation to review the Monju project should give the government, the power industry and the public an opportunity to reassess the wisdom of pursuing the establishment of a nuclear fuel cycle program.
Japan Times
Nov 5, 2015
NRA's 'new management' call for Monju reactor proves divisive
Two decades after a sodium leak and fire shut it down and nearly six decades after it was first conceived, the Monju prototype fast-breeder reactor in Tsuruga, Fukui Prefecture, suffered another blow Wednesday when the Nuclear Regulation Authority called for it to be turned over to another operator.
Nov 4, 2015
Nuclear regulator urges new Monju reactor operator to enhance safety
Japan's regulatory body opts to urge the science minister for a new entity to run a trouble-prone prototype fast-breeder reactor, after insufficient progress in safety management.
Japan Times
Apr 11, 2014
Falsified inspections suspected at Monju fast-breeder reactor
The operator of the Monju prototype fast-breeder reactor in Fukui Prefecture is suspected of falsifying an inspection report after regulators later found new pieces of equipment there that hadn't been inspected, Nuclear Regulation Authority sources said Thursday.
Feb 25, 2014
Time to shutter Monju
The long-stalled project to commercialize fast-breeder reactor technology has been kept alive by the Abe administration in its plan for the nation's new basic energy policy.
Feb 7, 2014
Monju may be relegated to site for waste radiation-reduction studies
The Abe Administration May Rethink The Research Project To Commercialize The Monju Prototype Fast-breeder Reactor, A Move That Could Affect Japan's Long-held Goal Of Recycling Spent Nuclear Fuel.
Japan Times
Nov 6, 2013
Nuclear watchdog warns Monju reactor operator JAEA over lax security
The Nuclear Regulation Authority admonishes the Japan Atomic Energy Agency for failing to take appropriate measures to protect its Monju prototype fast-breeder reactor from potential terrorist and other attacks.
Japan Times
Jul 17, 2013
Panel probes Monju geologic faults
A team of experts appointed by the Nuclear Regulation Authority starts a two-day investigation on the activity of geologic faults running beneath the Monju prototype fast-breeder reactor in Fukui Prefecture.
Jun 22, 2013
Monju operator lax on inspecting 2,100 other components
The operator of the Monju prototype fast-breeder nuclear reactor said Friday it had skipped inspections of another 2,100 components, in the latest sign of its lax safety management.
Japan Times
May 30, 2013
Monju must remain idled, NRA to order
The Nuclear Regulation Authority will officially prohibit the Monju prototype fast-breeder reactor from resuming operations, dashing the operator's hopes of restarting the facility by the end of next March.
May 18, 2013
Shut Monju down permanently
The Abe government should give up on the trouble-plagued Monju fast-breeder reactor project after the Nuclear Regulation Authority cited safety management problems.


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