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Japan Times
BUSINESS / Economy
Dec 16, 2014
Abe, business heads, labor unions agree on efforts for wage growth
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's administration crafted a joint statement Tuesday with leaders of business organizations and labor unions, aiming to bolster the economy through wage growth.
Dec 9, 2014
Rengo to offer counseling on dangers of 'karoshi'
Labor experts at the Japanese Trade Union Confederation (Rengo) will offer two days of telephone counseling starting Wednesday to help workers struggling under heavy workloads.
Dec 3, 2014
Toyota labor unions to seek ¥6,000 monthly raise
The labor unions of Toyota Motor Corp. will consider demanding a raise of at least ¥6,000 in monthly pay in annual wage talks starting early next year, sources said Wednesday.
Japan Times
Aug 30, 2014
Macau casino dealers take industrial action for first time
Casino dealers working in one of the most popular casinos in the gambling hub of Macau started industrial action on Saturday for the first time in the Chinese territory as discontent over salaries and working benefits spreads.
Japan Times
BUSINESS / Economy
Apr 26, 2014
Abe pledges to spread benefits of economic recovery
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe pledged Saturday to do his utmost toward continued economic growth and to spread the benefits among the wider population.
Japan Times
BUSINESS / Economy
Mar 12, 2014
Key firms agree to hike pay scales
Many major firms notified their labor unions Wednesday that they will raise pay scales to conclude this year's spring wage negotiations, responding to strong calls from the administration of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to help end long-standing deflation.
Japan Times
BUSINESS / Economy
Feb 3, 2014
Workers stumble while 'Abenomics' soars
Japanese stocks and profits are soaring under Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's push to revive the economy. Even shop prices are up, a key step after years of deflation kept pocketbooks shut tight. None of that matters to Shuzo Matsui.
Jan 11, 2014
Toyota union to demand pay hike
The federation of labor unions for Toyota Motor group firms decides to demand a pay-scale hike at upcoming spring wage talks for the first time since 2009.
Jan 8, 2014
Daihatsu union to seek pay-scale hike of over 1%
In a move that could affect this spring's labor-management wage talks, the Daihatsu Motor Co. group's labor union is considering demanding a pay-scale hike of at least 1 percent, sources said Wednesday.
BUSINESS / Economy
Jan 3, 2014
Only 17% of Japan's biggest firms plan to raise wages
Only 17 percent of major companies will raise wages in the business year that starts April 1, even though 71 percent expect the economy to expand in 2014, according to a Kyodo News survey.
Nov 29, 2013
Utility, subcontractors accused of exploiting nuke worker
A union for temporary workers seeks redress from the Tokyo Labor Relations Commission, saying Tokyo Electric Power Co. and four other firms have refused to discuss exploitative treatment of one of its ranks.
Jun 18, 2013
Why workers can no longer wear their demands on their sleeves
Dear reader, where are you from? To what era do you belong? I was born in 1971 in Japan and grew up here, too, but I've never — in all my years visiting hotels, restaurants, shops or government offices — seen workers wearing vests, armbands, badges, ribbons or bandanas with political messages....


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