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JAPAN / Science & Health
Apr 23, 2015
Liver transplant deaths at Kobe hospital avoidable, says report
Three of four people who died within a month of their liver transplants could have been saved, according to the summary of a forthcoming report on suspected malpractice.
Japan Times
Apr 21, 2015
Decline of NCAA men's hoops result of poor fundamentals
"Speaking as a fan, I think (men's college basketball) is a joke."
Japan Times
Apr 18, 2015
New Kobe hospital to halt liver transplants after deaths of four patients
A Kobe hospital where four of seven liver transplant recipients have died since it opened in November is temporarily halting operations.
Japan Times
Apr 14, 2015
'Transcendent Artful Embroidery II'
April 18-June 28
JAPAN / Science & Health
Apr 14, 2015
New Kobe hospital under scrutiny over high death rate of liver recipients
Four out of 7 patients, including foreign visitors, who had liver transplants died within one month after the surgery at a new hospital in Kobe established in November, the Yomiuri Shimbun said Tuesday.The hospital, Kobe International Frontier Medical Center, transplanted livers of the patients' relatives...
Mar 31, 2015
Japanese-style hotel planned in Manhattan
Kobe Bussan Co., the operator of a supermarket franchise in Japan, is planning to open a hotel offering Japanese-style rooms at relatively reasonable prices in Manhattan, targeting group tourists and families, a company executive said Monday.
Japan Times
LIFE / Travel
Mar 28, 2015
Soraku-en: Kobe's well-grounded garden
On Jan. 17, 1995, as the city of Kobe suffered one of the country's worst earthquakes in living memory, the rocks, artificial hills and root systems of Soraku-en, a Meiji period (1868-1912) circuit garden, held firm.
Japan Times
Mar 5, 2015
Vissel eyeing J. League upset
The following is the first of a two-part preview for the upcoming J. League season. Team-by-team previews of the nine lowest-ranking teams competing in the first division are listed.
BUSINESS / Companies
Mar 3, 2015
Kobe Steel considers $800 million U.S. aluminium plant for car supplies
Kobe Steel Ltd., supplier of aluminum sheet to half of the nation's auto industry, is considering building a ¥100 billion plant in the U.S. to expand sales to Japanese carmakers operating in North America.
Japan Times
Feb 22, 2015
Where's the beef? Kyoto looks to carve out global niche
The quintessential tourist image of Kyoto cuisine is one of a refined "bento" (boxed lunch) containing all sorts of small treats, but heavy on fish, tofu and vegetables, with much attention devoted to presentation and tastes that are sublime, but not overpowering. Certain Kyoto vegetables like "kujo...
Japan Times
LIFE / Travel
Feb 7, 2015
Kansai proves no barrier to travel
Having planned a family trip from our home in Tokushima Prefecture to Kobe and Osaka, we packed our 14-year-old daughter's wheelchair in the car and took the highway to Awaji Island.
Japan Times
Jan 30, 2015
NBA has a different look as All-Star break nears
Up is down and down is up in the NBA these days.
Japan Times
Jan 29, 2015
'Kunsthaus Zurich'
This is the first time that paintings have been brought to Japan from Switzerland's Kunsthaus Zurich, which boasts the largest collection of modern art in Zurich and includes numerous works by the country's finest artists, such as Ferdinand Hodler and Alberto Giacometti.
Jan 21, 2015
Remembering and learning from the Kobe quake
Cooperation in disaster relief efforts have helped strengthen ties between Japan and the United States.
Jan 20, 2015
Building community resilience to disasters: legacy of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake
The Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake ushered in a new era of volunteerism in Japan, and highlighted many lessons on how to prepare for disasters.
Japan Times
SOCCER / J. League
Jan 17, 2015
'King Kazu' guides Vissel Kobe to victory over Nakata, former Japan internationals in charity soccer match
On the 20th anniversary of the Great Hanshin Earthquake, former Japan striker Kazuyoshi Miura provided the highlights with two goals in a charity match held at Noeivir Stadium Kobe on Saturday.
Japan Times
Jan 17, 2015
Kobe pauses 20 years after killer quake
A crowd of nearly 14,000 gathered at a park early Saturday to light candles in remembrance of those who died. As incense wafted through the air, the dark, chilly morning was pierced by a moment of silence at exactly 5:46 a.m.
JAPAN / View from Osaka
Jan 17, 2015
Reflections on the Kobe quake two decades on
This year, thousands of Japanese around the country celebrated Coming-of-Age Day. In Kobe, however, the occasion was especially poignant, as those who will turn 20 this year were just days old or, most likely, born after the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake of Jan. 17, 1995. The first generation of adults...
Jan 17, 2015
Only 41% of Kobe quake survivors feel livelihoods back on track
Only 41 percent of the survivors of the 1995 Great Hanshin Earthquake that devastated Kobe feel their lives are completely back on track, according to a survey of 207 people in subsidized housing in Hyogo Prefecture.
Japan Times
Jan 15, 2015
'Hanshinkan Fashion Style: Osaka + Kobe 1950-1970'
The Kobe Fashion Museum is presenting a review of Kansai fashion trends from 1950 to 1970. Even before World War II, Osaka and Kobe were known to be culturally cultivated fashion meccas for designers and dressmakers who were influenced by foreign styles.


Father's Day is said to have come to Japan around 1950, shortly after the establishment of Mother's Day.
The evolving nature of fatherhood in Japan