Editorials Mar 28, 2015

Disappointing levels of English

The report that high school English-proficiency scores have fallen far short of government goals is additional evidence that the English education system in Japan is still in desperate need of reform.

Editorials Mar 14, 2015

Inappropriate teacher warning

For the first time in 40 years, the education ministry has advised teachers to be careful about using "inappropriate" supplementary materials in the classroom.

Editorials Feb 28, 2015

Teachers, pupils: no talking online

At least 11 prefectures and three cities have banned middle and high school teachers from all communication with students by email, messaging apps or phone after local boards of education found that 205 teachers instigated obscene acts with students in 2013.

Editorials Nov 8, 2014

Grade school squeeze is on

Japan's Finance Ministry has asked the education ministry to increase the number of grade school students per class, reversing a decision from 2011 to reduce class size.

Editorials Nov 8, 2014

Universities get yen for ranking

The central government has announced additional funding for 37 leading public and private universities as a way to increase their global ranking and competitiveness. No mention was made of the other 67 schools that applied.

Editorials Oct 26, 2014

Moral education's slippery slope

An advisory body to Japan's education minister calls for upgrading grade school "moral education" — which deals with children's way of thinking and their attitude toward life — to an official subject on a par with mathematics and science.

Editorials Oct 25, 2014

School bullying on the increase

Bullying and violence increased in Japanese schools, particularly for younger students, in fiscal 2013, although better reporting of incidents explains some of the increase over the previous year.