Editorials Feb 3, 2015

Abe's farm cooperative reforms

The Abe administration has yet to provide a convincing explanation on how its agricultural reform plan will strengthen Japan's farming sector and enhance consumer interests.

Editorials May 1, 2014

Wild animal population control

Deer and wild boar are having such a serious impact on Japan's agriculture and ecosystems that the government is proposing to control their rapidly expanding populations by hunting and other means.

Editorials Jun 28, 2013

How will Japan's farms survive?

One hindrance to the Abe government's agricultural growth policy could be the terms of trade for Japan if it participates in the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

National Mar 13, 2013

Rally staged in Tokyo to protest Japan's entry into TPP talks

The nation's largest farm lobby and consumer groups linked to the sector staged a protest rally Tuesday in Tokyo ahead of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's expected announcement that Japan will join the Trans-Pacific Partnership free-trade negotiations. Abe is expected to make the announcement at a ...