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Countries in Southeast Asia have implemented a range of counterterrorism policies and measures, each with their strengths and challenges. However, the effectiveness of such policies remains a subject of debate.
Apr 18, 2024
Southeast Asia needs to step up its counterterrorism game
While Islamic State and al-Qaeda have lost ground in the region, they are still capable of recruiting and inspiring local groups to join extremist causes.
People attend a vigil in memory of the victims of a shooting attack at the Crocus City Hall concert venue outside Moscow, in Donetsk, Russian-controlled Ukraine, on Saturday.
WORLD / Politics
Apr 2, 2024
Russian conflicts with Islamists key to Moscow attack, analysts say
Russia's conflicts with Islamist forces over half a century are key to understanding the likely motives behind concert hall attack.
A woman pays her respects at a makeshift memorial in front of the Crocus City Hall in Moscow on Friday, a week after a deadly attack by gunmen there killed at least 143 people.
Mar 31, 2024
Putin's conspiracy theories make Russians less safe
The Kremlin hopes that blaming Kyiv and the West for the attack will turn a difficult domestic political situation to its advantage.
Beijing's repression of its Muslim citizens, including Uyghurs in Xinjiang Province, could make it the target of Islamic State attacks.
Mar 28, 2024
After Russia, is China the Islamic State's next target?
As Russia mourns the victims of the Moscow attack, China should be on guard. Its repression of Uyghurs has provoked the Islamic State group before.
At least 139 people were killed when gunmen in camouflage stormed Crocus City Hall. The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the mass shooting.
WORLD / Politics
Mar 27, 2024
Russia's security chief accuses Ukraine, U.S. and U.K. of being behind Moscow shooting
Hardliners in Moscow could use the claim to justify an escalation of the Ukraine war and to explain how security services failed to prevent the attack.
Russian President Vladimir Putin visits a church outside Moscow on Sunday, a national day of mourning following the attack on the Crocus City Hall on Friday.
Mar 26, 2024
Putin forgot Islamic State thinks he too is the West
The leader portrays Russia as a victim of Western imperialism, but the Islamic State terrorists who attacked Moscow on Friday reject this narrative.
A Russian law enforcement officer walks near the burning Crocus City Hall concert venue following a shooting incident, outside Moscow, on Friday.
WORLD / Politics
Mar 26, 2024
The leader of Islamic State group linked to Moscow attack has global ambitions
The leader of the Afghan branch of the group has overseen its transformation into one of the most fearsome branches of the global Islamist network.
A law enforcement officer patrols the scene of the gun attack at the Crocus City Hall in Krasnogorsk, outside Moscow, on Saturday.
WORLD / Politics
Mar 26, 2024
Moscow shooting poses awkward questions for Russia's intelligence agencies
Western security analysts say agencies may have its hands full dealing with the war in Ukraine and political opposition.
People gather near lit candles outside the Crocus City Hall concert venue on Sunday, declared a day of mourning declared following a deadly shooting, in the Moscow Region, Russia.
WORLD / Politics
Mar 25, 2024
Concert hall attack revives terrorism fears for Russians in Moscow
A series of terror attacks that began in the late 1990s spread a climate of fear across the country as Putin was rising to power.
People lay flowers on Sunday at a memorial near the Crocus City Hall outside Moscow, where over 130 people were killed and more than 140 injured Friday night in an attack.
Mar 25, 2024
In Russia, fingers point anywhere but at Islamic State group for concert hall attack
Despite hinting that Ukraine is responsible, Russia has not presented any evidence, and Ukrainian officials have dismissed the accusations.
People lay flowers at a makeshift memorial Saturday near the Crocus City Hall, a popular concert venue where more than 130 people were killed Friday night in an attack outside Moscow.
Mar 24, 2024
Russia mourns victims of deadly concert hall attack as airstrikes rock Ukraine
A national day of mourning over the attack was declared as Russian forces unleashed a fresh large-scale missile barrage against Ukraine.
People lay flowers at a makeshift memorial near Crocus City Hall, a concert venue outside Moscow that was the site of a mass shooting on Friday night.
Mar 24, 2024
Deadly Moscow attack shatters Putin’s security promise to Russians
The tragedy outside Moscow is a blow to a leader riding an aura of confidence only days after a stage-managed election victory.
A law enforcement officer patrols the scene of the deadly attack at the Crocus City Hall concert hall in Krasnogorsk, outside Moscow, on Saturday.
Mar 24, 2024
Putin vows to punish those behind Russia concert massacre
Officials said 133 bodies had been recovered from the rubble in 24 hours, and doctors were "fighting for the lives of 107 people."
Russian emergency services vehicles are parked near the burning Crocus City Hall concert venue following a mass shooting claimed by the Islamic State group outside Moscow on Friday.
Mar 23, 2024
Gunmen kill at least 143 in attack at concert near Moscow, as IS claims responsibility
Russia has arrested 11 people, including four suspected gunmen, in connection with the rampage.
Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein in Cairo on August 15, 2023
WORLD / Politics
Jan 25, 2024
U.S. and Iraq to begin talks on end of U.S.-led military coalition
The United States has 2,500 troops in Iraq, advising and assisting local forces to prevent a resurgence of the Islamic State group
A man watches the news on television showing the Pakistani foreign ministry's statement about the country's strikes inside Iran targeting separatist militants, in Peshawar, Pakistan on Thursday.
Jan 19, 2024
Iran-Pakistan flare-up rooted in restive borderlands, not Mideast strife
Both had launched attacks on each other's soil, targeting what they described as militants and separatists.
Air traffic at the Erbil International Airport in Erbil, Iraq, was suspended in the early morning on Tuesday amid explosions.
Jan 16, 2024
Iran attacks Israel's 'espionage centers' in Iraq, state media says
Revolutionary Guards said they also struck in Syria against the Islamic State group.
Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi visits the bedside of a person injured in Jan. 3 twin blasts in Kerman, at a hospital in the southern city.
Jan 7, 2024
Middle East player Iran weakened by internal woes
Tehran is accused by the West of playing a key role in unrest plaguing the Middle East, but recent twin bombings are a keen reminder of its own weaknesses.
People gather at the scene of explosions during a ceremony held to mark the death of late Iranian General Qassem Soleimani, in Kerman, Iran, on Wednesday.
WORLD / Politics
Jan 5, 2024
Islamic State claims responsibility for deadly Iran attack
The militant Sunni Muslim group said two IS members had detonated explosive belts in the crowd in Kerman on Wednesday.
Local government and law enforcement officials view the scene of an explosion that occurred during a Catholic mass in a gymnasium at Mindanao State University in Marawi, Philippines, on Sunday.
Dec 8, 2023
The Philippines is battling a resurgent Islamic State threat
The Hamas attack on Oct. 7 that killed 1,200 Israelis and foreign nationals may be driving a new security threat in the Philippines.


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