Gadgets that help to make it easy

Digital | ON: TECH Jan 14, 2018

Gadgets that help to make it easy

by Chiho Komoriya

Mobile shopping Cerevo has developed a cashless mobile vending machine for vendors wanting to set up shop anywhere without the hassle of a salesperson or a register. The Qvie is a merchandise container that uses 3G and 4G networks to allow customers to unlock it ...

Reader Mail Feb 16, 2012

Consider the defense alternative

Regarding the Feb. 10 Kyodo article "Iwakuni housing land sale in doubt": Does the Japanese government have no honor? Is its word no good? First we had the interminable squabbles over moving the bulk of the 3rd Marine Division from Okinawa to Guam, and ...

Reader Mail Aug 14, 2011

Power-saving mindset has limits

Regarding the Aug. 10 article "Nuclear power debate heating up": I strongly disagree with the notion that just because we seem to be doing fine amid the current electricity deficit, Japan will be just fine without nuclear power plants in the future. One reason we ...

Reader Mail Feb 24, 2011

Dogs have a rich emotional life

I must beg to differ with Grant Piper's views expressed in his Feb. 20 letter. From my own observations and those of a number of respected authors, it is safe to say that many animals have a very rich emotional life and are capable ...