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Mar 10, 2012
Hiroshima Mazda rampage killer gets life
The Hiroshima District Court on Friday sentenced a man to life in prison as sought by prosecutors for a vehicular rampage at a Mazda Motor Corp. plant complex in Hiroshima Prefecture in 2010 that killed one employee and injured 11 others.
Japan Times
Jan 27, 2012
Partial guilty plea in Mazda rampage trial
A former seasonal worker at Mazda Motor Corp. pleaded guilty Thursday to hitting and injuring eight people with a car at a two-factory complex of the carmaker in Hiroshima Prefecture in 2010 but said he was innocent of the death of a man during the rampage and injuries to two others.
Dec 21, 2011
A new code of conduct for the South China Sea
A rash of run-ins between China and rival claimants in disputed areas in the South China Sea has prompted a search for a conflict avoidance and management mechanism. In January 2012, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and China will begin negotiating a Code of Conduct (CoC) to govern activities...
Japan Times
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Aug 12, 2011
War memoirs digitized for posterity
27th in a series
Jun 30, 2010
Hiroshima Mazda rampage suspect said he would top Akihabara massacre
The former temporary worker at Mazda Motor Corp. arrested last week for killing one of the company's employees and injuring 11 others by hitting them with a car at the firm's Hiroshima plant complex, boasted of outdoing the 2008 massacre in Tokyo's Akihabara district, a friend said.
Jun 24, 2010
Mazda attacker was on Akihabara wannabe?
A former Mazda Motor Corp. temporary worker arrested for killing one Mazda employee and injuring 10 others by hitting them with a car told investigators he tried to copy the 2008 murder spree in Tokyo's Akihabara district, investigative sources said Wednesday.
Jun 23, 2010
Ex-temp worker runs down 11 at Mazda plant in Hiroshima
A former temporary worker at Mazda Motor Corp. hit 11 Mazda employees with a car Tuesday morning at the automaker's plant in the city of Hiroshima, killing one and injuring the others, police said.
Jul 16, 2009
Hibakusha Issey Miyake: Obama, visit Hiroshima
NEW YORK (Kyodo) Clothing designer Issey Miyake, a survivor of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, expressed hope in a New York Times article Tuesday that U.S. President Barack Obama will visit the city Aug. 6 for the annual commemoration of the bombing.
Japan Times
Mar 14, 2006
JR West not liable for Shimonoseki Station rampage
The Hiroshima High Court on Monday raised the amount of damages to be paid by a man sentenced to death for murdering five people and injuring 10 others in a 1999 rampage at JR Shimonoseki Station in Yamaguchi Prefecture, but following a lower court ruling did not assign responsibility to the man's parents...
Jun 29, 2005
Death penalty stands for man in 1999 train station rampage
The Hiroshima High Court upheld the death penalty Tuesday for a 41-year-old man who killed five people and injured 10 others when he plowed a car into a train station in 1999 and stabbed commuters.


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