Hiroshima hibakusha helps Cambodians to heal

National Sep 18, 2015

Hiroshima hibakusha helps Cambodians to heal

by Takehiro Ehama

Keiko Kunichika, an atomic bomb survivor, has chosen to spend her later years running a free facility in Phnom Penh called Hiroshima House. It was built by a group of Hiroshima citizens who recognized similar histories of ruin between the two cities. "I remember those old ...

Reader Mail Apr 22, 2012

Keep the wrecking ball at bay

I like Tokyo Tower. I will get used to the Tokyo Sky Tree (public opening due May 22), but for now I feel more for the familiar graceful lines and the more humane proportions of the older tower. It is an architectural icon, and ...

Editorials May 1, 2010

China's summer showcase

Expo 2010 — a six-month event starting May 1 in Shanghai, the largest city in China — will showcase the recent economic development and internationalization of the world's most populous country, once a revolutionary nation that directly challenged the Western political and economic order. ...