/ Sep 12, 2016

Norway hairdresser fined for turning away woman in hijab

Norway hit a hairdresser with a roughly 1,000€ fine on Monday after she was convicted of discrimination for turning away a Muslim woman wearing a headscarf. Merete Hodne had risked up to six months in prison for religious discrimination for turning Malika Bayan away from ...

Male hairdressers struggle in 'charisma boom' wake

Aug 30, 2013

Male hairdressers struggle in 'charisma boom' wake


Male hairdressers are having trouble surviving amid the so-called charisma boom their industry gave rise to around 2000. The boom, hyped by TV dramas and variety shows with charismatic hairdressers, prompted many young men to take up the profession. The number of newly licensed hairdressers ...