Editorials Apr 19, 2013

A better response to bird flu

A deadly new strain of bird flu — one that was not previously known to be easily transmissible to humans — has surfaced in China and has health officials alarmed.

Beijing bird flu case asymptomatic

Asia Pacific Apr 16, 2013

Beijing bird flu case asymptomatic

Bird flu was found in a 4-year-old Beijing boy who shows no symptoms of the infection, health authorities said, suggesting more people may be catching the H7N9 influenza virus than reported. The first asymptomatic H7N9 case was discovered by health care workers searching for possible ...

National Apr 5, 2013

Narita quarantine station issues infection advisory

The quarantine station at Narita airport in Chiba Prefecture is displaying posters warning travelers to China to avoid coming close to animals, after the H7N9 type of avian influenza recently infected people in the country. The quarantine station us urging people to frequently wash their ...