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Japan Times
Aug 26, 2022
Cabinet OKs ¥249 million outlay to pay for Abe state funeral
As the public remains divided over Abe's political legacy and scandals, the Cabinet has no plan to urge ministries to extend their condolences when the funeral is held Sept. 27.
Japan Times
Jun 16, 2019
'You're empathetic, but there's that distance': A German undertaker in Japan
As Japanese mourners file into the funeral parlor, shrouded in silence and laden with flowers, Felix Steinkemper, dressed in a dark suit, stands ready to assist.
Japan Times
Dec 1, 2018
Magazines explore the inevitability of death and taxes
From this week, beneath the glitter of tinsel and glimmer of outdoor seasonal illumination, the bonenkai (year-end party) season begins in earnest.
Apr 14, 2018
School rules: Dress for success
'I saw a lot of men wearing black suits and ties in the neighborhood this morning and thought for a second someone really prominent must have passed away.'
Japan Times
Feb 14, 2018
Colorado closes funeral biz run by body parts broker after cremated remains turn out to be concrete
Colorado officials indefinitely shut down the funeral home and crematory this week of a woman who runs a side business selling donated body parts from the same building.
Japan Times
Dec 16, 2017
Nagano drive-thru funeral home to serve mourners with limited mobility
A funeral home with a drive-thru window will open in Nagano Prefecture on Sunday, allowing mourners to pay their respects without getting out of the car.
Japan Times
Sep 5, 2017
Drive-thru funeral service will let Japanese bid an easy and fast last farewell
In a first for Japan, a funeral home operator in Nagano Prefecture will be offering a drive-thru service allowing the bereaved to give their final farewells without having to get out of their car.
Japan Times
Aug 24, 2017
Drop-dead beautiful: Japan undertakers show their skill on preparing bodies for the 'other world'
A 23-year-old undertaker won a contest at Japan's biggest funeral expo on Thursday that tested ancient skills in the ritual dressing of the dead.
Japan Times
JAPAN / Society
Jun 29, 2017
A decade after pivotal legal battle, embalming on rise as Japanese seek dignity for the dead
A documentary television program and the death of a number of close friends led Takashi Uya to find his calling in life — to give Japanese dignity in death.
Japan Times
BUSINESS / Companies
Mar 28, 2017
Mitsuoka Motor releases classic hearse in Taiwan for 'ultimate final ride'
Mitsuoka Motor Co.'s luxury classic hearse is now available in Taiwan, after the island was chosen as its first export destination.
Japan Times
JAPAN / Society
Apr 26, 2016
Undertaker working for child survivors of Tohoku tsunami
Ruiko Sasahara can never forget the sight of a little girl lying in a morgue after the tsunami five years ago.
JAPAN / Crime & Legal
Dec 2, 2014
Police admit mixup after wrong body is displayed at funeral
Police in Saitama Prefecture admitted Monday that they mixed up two bodies of deceased men and handed over one of them to the wrong family late last month.
Japan Times
Nov 11, 2014
[PHOTO GALLERY] A new afterlife awaits
Funeral arrangements are normally for those left behind, but the latest trend in Japan — which literally translates to “end of life" preparations — is for the aging to prepare their own funerals and graves.
Japan Times
May 3, 2014
Empress-Dowager Shoken laid to rest; crackdown in Shanghai's foreign quarters; Olympic preparations; Lebanese businessman Japan's top tax-payer
One of the notable landmarks in the modern history of Japan was the funeral ceremony held Saturday night for Her Majesty, the late Empress-Dowager (Shoken, empress consort of Emperor Meiji), who passed away on April 9.
Japan Times
JAPAN / Society
Apr 30, 2014
'Ending planners' lend funerals a personal touch
A pack of motorcyclists leading the hearse of a fellow bike enthusiast; a small boat carrying the coffin of a fishing buff: Unique funeral arrangements such as these are starting to crop up in Japan as bereaved families add a personal touch and a nod to their late loved ones' lifestyles and tastes.
Nov 26, 2013
An Imperial break from tradition
The announcement that Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko will be cremated and be interred in smaller mausoleums reflects their wish to minimize the impact of their funeral rites on people's lives.
Japan Times
Oct 2, 2013
Where there's a will: Attitudes toward inheritance change
Japanese baby boomers are facing up to the responsibilities of dying.
Japan Times
Aug 11, 2010
Summertime, and the dying is expensive
Japan ranks No. 1 in average funeral prices. So just what makes the deceased here so special?
Japan Times
Jul 28, 2009
Japan's funerals deep-rooted mix of ritual, form
Funerals in Japan incorporate a unique mixture of religion, tradition, culture, ritual and geography that to the outsider may appear perplexing.


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