Editorials Oct 23, 2014

Planting a green power grid

As the government undertakes a review of the nation's feed-in-tariff energy supply system, it should not forget the importance of improving the very foundation of power grid technology to enable a substantial increase in the share of electricity generated by green sources.

Orix presses ahead with solar despite grid constraints

Business / Corporate Oct 17, 2014

Orix presses ahead with solar despite grid constraints

Orix Corp., the finance and leasing company with renewable energy investments, plans to increase its backing of large solar projects in Japan regardless of grid access constraints that are threatening to slow the industry. The Tokyo-based company is targeting 800 megawatts of "megasolar" projects in ...

Editorials Oct 5, 2014

Unprepared for green electricity

It was hoped that the feed-in tariff system introduced in 2012 would help revitalize local economies and reduce Japan's dependence on nuclear power. Recently, though, one power company after another has announced it will stop purchasing electricity generated by solar, wind, geothermal and smaller ...