Editorials Oct 29, 2015

Lessons from Osaka arson case

Investigators should never try to extract a confession from a suspect in a manner that conforms to a predetermined scenario. Yet false charges based on coerced false confessions happen time and again.

Editorials Mar 18, 2015

More chances of false charges?

The Diet should scrutinize whether the proposed revision to the criminal procedure law contributes to eliminating false charges and wrongful convictions.

Editorials Jul 1, 2014

Say no to plea bargaining

The biggest problem with plea bargaining, which a special legislative panel has recommended introducing into Japan's criminal investigative process, is the possibility that a suspect will make false confessions for a lesser punishment or wrongly implicate a person who has nothing to do with ...

Editorials May 13, 2014

Get serious on interrogation reform

A Justice Ministry legislative proposal for dealing with criminal investigations and trials evades the duty of electronically recording all interrogations of criminal suspects while broadening the range of tools that investigators may use.