'Southpaw': Boxing that lacks punching power

Film / Reviews Jun 1, 2016

'Southpaw': Boxing that lacks punching power

by Kaori Shoji

Just because you've seen this story before doesn't mean you shouldn't see it again ... I think. "Southpaw" is an excessive, some may even say maniacal, retread of boxing movie classics such as the "Rocky" franchise, "The Fighter" and "Raging Bull. But it's so ...

Nov 4, 2013

Eminem takes top honor at YouTube’s first music awards

YouTube’s first-ever music awards thrilled and spilled Sunday, with Eminem named Artist of the Year though most awards went to lesser known acts during a show filled with eclectic stunts. The webcast was kicked off by indie rockers Arcade Fire performing their new song “Afterlife” ...