National Jan 6, 2015

Tokyo Fire Department to boost English-capable units to 36 by 2016

To deal with possible increases in emergency calls involving foreign tourists, the Tokyo Fire Department plans to boost the number of its English-capable units to 36 by April 2016, NHK reported Tuesday. The step is part of the fire department's preparations for an expected surge ...

Programs underway to increase use of AEDs in Japan

National Aug 25, 2014

Programs underway to increase use of AEDs in Japan

by Koichi Tsujimura

Programs are underway throughout the country to train ordinary people to use automated external defibrillators, or AEDs, to help heart attack victims. A smartphone app that informs people who know CPR if someone nearby has gone into cardiac arrest was tested in Tokyo's Ueno Park ...

National / Politics Apr 17, 2014

Cabinet gets Diet OK to use cellphones during crises

by Reiji Yoshida

Cabinet members may now use cellphones, smartphones and tablet computers to receive emergency notifications from their secretaries during Diet sessions, the Lower House decided Thursday. The use of high-tech gadgets was officially forbidden during Diet sessions, but Cabinet members can now use smartphones to receive ...